Hotel position

L’Hotel si trova in Via XXV Aprile – Tel. 0565 / 95132 – 968548 – 95076 – Fax 0565/957797 – 57036 PORTO AZZURRO – ISOLA D’ELBA

The position of the Hotel, in the center of Porto Azzurro, is strategic.

The town, elegant and evocative, is full of clubs, shops and small shops that can be discovered along the internal streets, unique places where time has stopped.

Within walking distance there are three diving centers and a sailing school. A few kilometers away are the Mineral Parks of Rio Marina, Capoliveri ( and the splendid “Costa dei Gabbiani” which includes the promontory of Calamita, surrounded by a deep blue sea that stretches as far as the eye can see. to merge with the sky You can admire an uncontaminated nature with the scents, colors, fruits of the Mediterranean scrub, along a path that shines, under the sun, like diamonds: the mica dust that the wind has stolen from the mineral of the soil .

Hotel Elba: Foto hotel Due Torri

In this setting of particular beauty, the Bike Park is run, which recalls an ancient race that has remained in legend (see www.) Nearby there are the many paths in the park of the Tuscan archipelago be covered in spring and autumn to receive a burst of energy and beautyThe beautiful Carmignani promenade, 900 meters, which starts from Pianotta, climbs up to skirt the ramparts, full of history and memories, of the San Giacomo Fortress, along a path that dominates the splendid Gulf of Mola and Forte Focardo, rich in scents, colored spot and finally goes down to the beach of BarbarossaThe path of the Moserrato that arrives at the Sanctuary, a small jewel built in 1606 where, inside, a copy of the Black Madonna is kept, a copy of the Spanish sanctuary of the same name

GPS Position:
Hotel 2 Torri    
N 42.7666667   E 10.3957084