Elba and the Park

WHY choose ELBA

In spring its intense and dazzling colors: fuchsia and yellow paint entire hillsThe scents of broom suddenly reach you with a beat of the wind, a “new” path leads you to an incredible panorama, the sea amazes you with its always different blues, a libecciata makes you know and love a new and fascinating seaThe splendid summer, during the day, is dressed in turquoise and blue in the thousand coves to be discovered, in the evening, it is dressed in bright colors, with cheerful sounds in the streets, in the squares and in the shops until late. moment on an island that seems to forget its sweet indolence to offer the tourist the dream holidayIn autumn it gives you its warm colors and harsh scents of the undergrowth, an enchanting atmosphere of peace after an intense summer that stuns, the sea that sulks and spreads a veil of melancholy and makes everything different and sweetThe seven-star archipelago national park was established precisely to witness, enhance and protect the unique beauties of Elba and the 6 sisters: Capraia, Gorgona, Pianosa, Montecristo Giglio, Giannutri7 jewels, 7 pearls all different, like the “real” pearls, rich in history, scents, flavorsElba enclosed in a microcosm of 224 square meters, with its splendid nature and its millenary heritage of art and culture, the result of encounters between different peoples, offers a unique atmosphere.Elba offers a thousand opportunities to experience the sea and its territory in all its facets.